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About Andrea Smith

Andrea Smith is a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist with a Masters in Psychology. As the founder of For Minds Sake, she is dedicated to helping clients change unwanted behaviour patterns using Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy.

Often clients hold deep-rooted beliefs about their old habits and behaviours that require an integrated approach using Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Clinical Hypnotherapy to break the negative way of thinking.

Andrea focuses on the physical sensations experienced due to anxiety or low self-esteem. She concentrates on how her clients’ thoughts and feelings affect their bodies, then works on changing their negative thought processes into a more positive outlook. Through her training, she began to understand her own personal journey and became better able to examine her own inner dialogue and thought processes, which in turn gave her peace of mind and the answers she sought. Having undertaken this lengthy process of self-discovery, Andrea is uniquely positioned to help you gain insights into your unwanted behaviour patterns, break old habits and understand what makes you behave the way you do.

Andrea understands that whilst it is important to discuss your past events and gain perspective on them, Hypnotherapy and CBT (Check out some CBT books to learn more) will help you focus on ways to improve mental well-being and make positive steps towards your future.

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Every client faces a unique situation and using her unique insights gained through her own past struggles and clinical hypno training Andrea will develop a programme of therapy to suit the unique challenges you face.